Take pride in your appearance

All personnel assigned working for this organization will be appropriately groomed and be in the appropriate attire. Each division of MedStar Solutions, LLC, has a basic uniform for that division and function. At times some modifications may be made depending on the event, client, weather, or other specifics. The assigned personnel to the event will be notified when there is a uniform change before the event.

First impressions are lasting

The BASIC uniforms are listed below. This will be your default uniform.

Be sure your uniform is appropriately maintained. Avoid dirty, faded, stained, or ripped clothing. Be professional in how you look.

Event Medical Staff (EMS)

All staff will have red t-shirts. Polos may be issued for an event or purchased upon approval.


  • Red Polo or Red T-shirt
  • Black/Red T-undershirt (preferred)
  • Navy EMS style pants
  • Black Uniform or Tactical Style Belt
  • Black socks (preferred)
  • Black Boots or Dark Running Shoes

For most outdoor events, the T-shirt is preferred. Indoor and more clean environments it may be more appropriate for a polo.

EMS Managers

Our management team wears a Black with a yellow siding polo shirt for management activities. 


  • Black polo shirt
  • Black T-undershirt (preferred)
  • Khaki tactical style pants
  • Black Uniform or Tactical Style Belt
  • Black socks (preferred)

Black Boots

For most medical events, the red “T” or polo shirt is preferred. Fo other events or multi-day activities, other shirts may be worn (confirm the daily uniform).

EMS Uniform Options

Some events may have different uniform requirements or items you may want while working. 


Jacket: Red/Black MedStar
Provided for events in colder weather
Hats: Plain Black or Navy
No emblems.  EMS letters OK
Long Sleeve Shirts: Only for warmth or sleeves to cover tattoos.  Plain black or red shirt only.
Shorts: Plain navy “uniform style” shorts are approved during warmer weather
Contact duty manager for any questions

Items for Purchase

Some approved items are available for purchase. These items can be paid by payroll deduction.


  • Red T-shirt $18
  • Polo Shirt $25
  • Red/Black zip jacket w/ hood $60 total ($30 deduct per check)
  • Black flex fit ball cap $16 
  • Black knit watch cap $16 

Contact management for any personalization on items

Metro Traffic (MTS)

MTS staff wear a black polo shirt to be purchased or issued.


  • Black MTS polo shirt
  • Black T-undershirt (preferred)
  • Khaki tactical style pants
  • Black duty belt, Black Uniform or Tactical Style Belt
  • Black socks (preferred)
  • Black Boots

Safety vest, flashlight, and light cone to be provided when necessary

MTSI Training Institute

Instructors for MTSI will be in uniform representing our training institute.


  • Blue polo shirt
  • Black T-undershirt (preferred)
  • Khaki tactical style pants
  • Black Uniform or Tactical Style Belt
  • Black socks (preferred)
  • Black Boots

Assisting instructors may wear these polo shirts or other polo shirt approved by the management team

General Uniform Information

Uniforms are to keep all personnel consistent, professional, and recognized for their assignment. Please adhere to our uniform guidelines.

Whenever in doubt of which uniform you should wear or needs for other optional uniforms contact your Event Manager for the event.

We permit some generic items, such as a plain black or navy hat, but you also have the option to get our items to show you are a proud member of our team.