Programs for EMS Professionals

MedStar originated by the need to consult with EMS & Fire organizations on training and operational programs. Having certified Fire Instructors, EVOC Instructor Trainers, Experience in teaching Train-the-Trainer programs, we filled a need that was not available to many smaller organizations.

Developing a variety of programs in many areas for the ambulance industry has dramatically improved operational needs, company efficiency, and certainly meet many compliance requirements for business and emergency services.

Working with administrators on branding is also a unique aspect that MedStar Solutions has played a part in and has seen many other organizations follow suit in developing a new identity and culture.

No matter how small or large your operation is, it certainly is wise to seek an outsider's view of how you are doing. There often are details overlooked or minor enhancements that can help your efficiency or new training that helps your risk management.

  • Do you have the essential areas of operation in place?
  • Are they active and doing what they are required to do?
  • Do you need help in establishing such programs and getting them off the ground?

Programs Available

  • QA/CQI Processes
  • Clinical Education
  • Driver Training Programs
  • BLS/ALS Protocols
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Teams
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Audit Forms/Processes
  • Inspection Forms​
  • Training Manuals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Driver Training Manuals
  • MDS Manuals (on/off line)
  • Trainer/FTO Manuals

Planning and Preparation

Regulations and other guidelines continue to increase and become concerns of management, organizations, and the governing agencies.

Being prepared and having systems in place will keep you in a better position when unexpected situations occur.

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, including projects in the EMS and Ambulance service, human resources, compliance, accidents/investigations, and training programs.

Our team has had the opportunity to visit many agencies across America to see what works and what can improve. We continue to attend workshops and conferences to see the latest in technology and operating systems to stay aware of what is available at the various budgets levels between company size and projected growth.

Let's see what solutions we can bring to you.



Get Supervisors & Field Training Officer’s(FTO) back on track with your program and ensure they are on board and aware of how to administer the program. This course is excellent for first-time leaders and a refresher for other trainers. Some of the components include:

  •  Leadership traits and abilities
  •  Learning behaviors and educational personalities
  •  Training Methods, protocols, and continuity specific to your organization
  • Evaluating trainee skills and documenting strengths or weaknesses
  • Teaching techniques and counseling methods
  • Setting up for success 

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) Three part course following the DOT Guidelines

Module A contains 16 hours of classroom instruction with 10 separate lesson guides to cover the basic knowledge required for ambulance operators. Including checklist, request forms, hand signals, and test questions. 

Module B takes the training to a driving range where participants practice ambulance operator skills. There are 10 exercises in this module with directions on how to set up the tasks and rate a participant’s performance. 

Module C builds on the knowledge and skills the participant learned in the first two modules. A participant begins a series of supervised on-the-job training sessions. 

FEMA-ICS Training

Our training specialists can offer training for handlng large mass casualty incidents, active shooter incidents, and other training to prepare leadership and emergency response teams how to work under the Incident Command Structure. Some of the components include:

  •  ICS-100: Introduction
  • ICS-200:
  • ICS-700
  • ICS-800
  • Active Shooter Response

We are also able to train in other classes required by OSHA for safety training.  Contact us for other education we can provide to maintain your safety compliance.

Accident Review

Have your emergency response drivers had an accident and do you need an outside third party to come in and evaluate an incident to determine how your driver handled the situation or any review of remedial training they may need?

Contact MedStar, and its experienced leaders to review the incident to have an impartial look at the incident and ensure your personnel gets a fair review of their driving and possible ways to avoid these situations in the future.