Staffing and Resources

MedStar Solutions has a variety of cost-effective staffing and resource solutions to ensure all your needs are prepared for while maintaining cost-effective pricing and enhancing your current level of service.


MedStar originated as a consulting service for EMS agencies, and from there has been building our Event Medical Services organization. We have continued building as we continue to grow our other entities of MedStar Training Institute and AZ Radio Rentals.

Expanded Capabilities

Many of those we treat for special events and sports medicine suffer from dehydration or respiratory issues. Our EMT’s are capable of providing IV therapy and breathing treatments on site to combat these most common issues. Most other event companies do not have this expanded scope of practice, thereby requiring the need for activating the 911 system for additional care or transport. Our goal is to asses, treat, and release after more efficient care is provided on-site.

Success in Training​

With being a training institution, we are fortunate to provide additional training to our staff. Courses on IV therapy and administration, airway management, concussion recognition, sports medicine, and wound care offer better treatment modalities to our patients. Additional training in incident command, EVOC, and scene safety are some more of our ongoing classes provided to our team to ensure continued training in our QA/CQI process.

See our COVID-19 Preparation page to get more information on how we can help

We are prepared for your special needs and safety for COVID-19

COVID-19 Screening Staff

  • COVID-19 Rapid Testing
  • Screening Staff & Equipment
  • Film/Set Compliance Officers
  • Plan Preparation
  • Signage
  • Operation: Ready-Set-Go 

We have the staff and resources for all events, small and large!



MedStar Solutions can staff your event with the appropriate team for your event. Our EMTs, paramedics, supervisors, dispatchers, and incident command staff are experienced and trained specially for special events. Our team has medical control resources available at all times, sometimes on-site. Ensuring all your needs are covered will give you peace of mind that your event will run smoothly.
COVID Screening


Making everything flow often takes more than handing out radios to your event team. Controlling the flow, handling logistics from one group to another requires coordination. Our team of dispatchers can provide multiple options to determine your best solution. Most are 911 dispatchers and can handle just the medical component, security, homeland, and other emergency personnel or unite all teams under a unified "Com Plan."


We provide top-level equipment to our teams and clients. Some competitors require their people to provide their own equipment. MedStar sets our teams up for success. Ensuring all the tools for the job are on-site ensure the consistency of equipment and a standard of care. We also staff more significant events with specialized medical carts to easily access equipment and move around the location as needed. Mobile care facilities are also available.


MedStar has specialty vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, UTV, and other specialized equipment. Mobile capability can access patients in remote areas and transport non-critical patients out of rough terrain. These vehicles are equipped with emergency lighting and sirens for emergency response. These support vehicles are also used for our traffic division, where we provide parking control and funeral escorts, permitted by MCSO.


Ranger-4 is our UTV designed to respond to areas tough to access or on narrow trails. This vehicle has been used on grass fields during festivals, street fair response, and accessing runner or bikes on remote trails. The UTV goes where needed when the response is critical. It has proven itself on such difficult terrain as Crown King, AZ. This vehicle carries three on the front bench seat or configured to secure patients on a backboard. This vehicle is equipped with emergency lighting, communications, and medical.


Our bike team is a growing resource with training and equipment updates ongoing. Some of our new bicycles are equipped with special lighting, and our "stat packs" make riding and treatment more seamless. Our bikes are deployed at parades, concerts, off-roading areas, parking lots, and a variety of needs for medical, parking, and traffic control.

Golf Carts

Utilization of golf cart medical teams can also be utilized for our longer term clients and ongoing events. These are equipped with medical equipment and capability to transport patients to on-site treatment areas.


From a pop-up tent to mobile care facility trailers, we work to provide safe treatment areas. Our staff will coordinate what size/type of shelter or facility will be needed. Power, heating, air conditioning, size of the area, emergency access, generators, and amount of locations; all of this needs to be planned. Our deployment plan will be assessed based on occupancy, area, access, and prior incidents. We work with your team to ensure that your needs are met and best prepared for.


Our 22' trailer is configurable for medical treatment with cots and medical carts or Communications with a 3-4 dispatch position and computer set up. Complete with kitchen, bathroom, and exterior water station. We can offer the Command package which includes the appropriate trailer, pop/tent, generator power, A/C units, lights. Making all medical needs complete in an all-in-one package


The bigger your event, the more oversight you will need to be sure things run smoothly. MedStar has the ability to set up your unified command in order to ensure all your leadership is on the same page and be sure the big picture is never forgotten. Setting up a command staff and planning for your event in a professional and safe manner is what we pride ourselves on. Pre-planning is critical and execution is paramount to success. All MedStar staff is FEMA-ICS certified.

Ask About Our Price Match Guarantee

We do our best to provide a much more comprehensive care protocol while staying below our competitor’s rates. Our proactive services are due to the experience and trust of our medical director. This empowers our team with the best capabilities and still at a lower cost. We can give this higher caliber of service and offer a price match guarantee.

Let us know if you get a lower quote. If you care for your staff and guests, we want to discuss the type of care and resources that work with you and meet your needs.

The expanded capabilities of our EMTs is tough to beat and the compassion of our staff is unmeasurable.

Rescue -1

MedStar has recently obtained “Rescue-1”. This special operations emergency vehicle will be used for on-site medical care, wilderness remote locations, and other special needs and community programs. 

Providing you with A Full-Service Solution

Bringing it all together can streamline your event to greater success. We can package all of our resources into an inclusive service to optimize what is needed while minimizing your cost with an all-inclusive price. Provide some of the basics to make it all more budget friendly.

Our solutions specialists are always available to help with these needs. Some of our basic items are listed below, other resources, vehicles, and support are available as described above.


  • Tents
  • Cots
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Wheelchairs
  • Carry-alls
  • Gurneys


  • Generator / Power
  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heaters
  • Blankets, Pillows
  • Cot coverings
  • Mister Systems


  • AED’s
  • Trauma Bags
  • Back Packs
  • Fanny Packs
  • Sling Bags
  • Oxygen/Air Concentrators
  • ALS Drug Bags
  • Intubation
  • Stokes Basket


  • COVID Screeners
  • COVID-19 Rapid Testing
  • Film/Production Compliance Officers
  • Screening Devices
  • Thermometers
  • Signage (Distance, Symptoms, Procedures)
  • Screening or Isolation Tent/Area
  • Questionnaires
  • PPE/Hand Sanitizers
  • COVID Mitigation Planning