About MedStar Solutions

Fostering long term relationships

Our goal is to bring improvements and innovations to event services and the other services that we provide. 

We strive to bring transparency to our clients and team while ensuring compliance standards.

Creating Connections: Good relationships do not materialize out of thin air. They require a solid foundation built on good rapport and ultimately trust. We work with our staff and build on their education of what they do.  We earn respect and we work together to offer ideas, alternatives, and solutions when invited.

Look Out For Their Best Interests:  Helping to identify products or services that will make their life easier or solve a problem they have.    Putting the customer first in all situations creates a positive experience for them which ultimately builds trust and confidence 

Maintain Communications: Working with the client on needs and goals is the key to success.  They know their event and what makes it work, integrating our services with their needs is a team approach. We call, email, or text our clients and check-in on them often to review our performance and improve our services. This type of engagement makes our client feel special and valued, and they are.

Our Leadership Team

MedStar Solutions has teamed together with some of the best minds and experience in the EMS community to provide the most cutting-edge service to our clients, students, and patients.

Committed to Service and Education


We are proud of our enhanced model that no other company in the area meets.  Our medical teams have an expanded scope of practice by our progressive medical director, our training institute combines some of the leading training standards and best practices. Our field field providers and experienced educators are passionate and dedicated.


Compassion – Showing genuine concern about the needs of others through our actions is the key to our success in public safety.

Accountability – We build trust both internally and externally by accepting responsibility for our actions (and inactions). 

Reliability – We are known in the industries we serve as a company that fulfills its commitments. We are a company that is dependable, and rain or shine, we deliver what we promise.  

Efficiency – Achieve the best possible outcomes in all manners by being a good steward of all resources available, saving time, money, and reducing waste.

Expanding our years of Excellent Service

MedStar Solutions was founded in 2008 as an EMS consulting firm for both private and municipal EMS agencies in Arizona and Southern California. MedStar was called upon to provide high-quality training and education to its clients resulting in over 2,500 EMT’s, Paramedics and RN’s receiving the most up to date training available for their jobs.

Today, MedStar Solutions is providing multiple services to the EMS industry. From non-transporting event stand-by’s to human resource compliance, MedStar has a solution for your EMS agency. The EMS industry is ever changing and MedStar is always researching and training to provide the most cutting-edge service to our clients. MedStar is frequently requested to return to prior clients to provide additional services. To date, MedStar has provided service to over 3,500 employees, employers, clients, and patients.

With the conception of MedStar providing education to Emergency Services and the training aspects of Fireforce and Fire Star, it was only a natural progression to build upon this training experience and expand upon this  for EMS, healthcare, corporate clients, and the community. From this, the company created its training division, MedStar Training Institute (MSTI). This area continues to grow to see future EMT training, specialty EMS classes, OSHA training, and other specialty training geared to educating the public in safety awareness.

Our latest expansion has been creating AZ Radio Rentals. While working more events we were often asked about radio rentals and who to contact.  We saw this need and as we continued to grow our communication systems, radio cache, and other accessories for metro and remote needs we developed our radio rental, service division.
MedStar provides its clients with event medical standby’s up to the ALS (Paramedic) level, corporate event coverage, and everything EMS from new hire training to management refreshers. MedStar is a progressive corporate compliance agency that will assist your organization in becoming federally compliant.
MedStar Solutions is designed to be your one-stop shop for all things EMS both privately and municipal. Each product presented is custom-tailored to its client’s needs. MedStar is available for any questions or requests for services. MedStar Solutions management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have the largest variety of resources and enhanced capabilities over any other privately owned event medical company in Arizona.

Joining Forces Creates a New direction

Prior to the creation of MedStar, our founder was the Executive Producer of FireForce Training Videos.  This was a monthly publication service for Fire and EMS agencies around the country and internationally.  These videos had training topics, local news events, and special operations segments to enhance the training programs of its subscribers. 
Within the same time frame, it also developed FireSTAR which developed video training programs on demand for public safety agencies, including the State of Washington for large diameter hose training.  Another stand-alone training video was produced in cooperation with Rescue-1 International for a four-part series on Swift Water Rescue.  
As the need for new training programs continued to grow and requests continued to come in for other training such as new employee orientations, corporate compliance training,  and HR Solutions, the creation of MedStar was born. 
Circling back around to its roots, MedStar is now growing its video capabilities adding more internal video training programs for its employees and is working towards additional content for our clients and community.