MedStar Solutions Employment Opportunities

MedStar Solutions, LLC incorporates the various aspects (Divisions) within our organizational structure. We are excited to continue adding more events throughout Arizona and neighboring states.  In order to better staff these activities, we are currently accepting applications and creating a list of event staff for these and future activities.
Do you have the experience and dedication to help others and ensure a safer environment?
Bring your skills and desire to a progressive organization building a better community of on-site medical professionals.

The blocks below identify the 3-Divisions of MedStar Solutions, LLC

Included are some of the positions that are offered. These do not reflect those that are currently opened. ​



Field EMS personnel and Operational Staff




Medical Technicians

First Responders






Instructors for various levels of education for the public and medical careers


CPR/AED Instructors

First Aid Instructors

EVOC Instructors

EMT Instructors

ICS Instructors

ACLS/PALS Instructors

Tactical Medic Instructors

Assistant Instructors



Radio Rentals, Repeaters, Communication Services


Motorola HT-1250 Hand-Held

Kenwood Digital & Analog

Mobile/Base Radios

Portable Repeaters

Antennas and Masts

Ear Mics, Speaker Mics

Other Accessories


Prior Experience Required for all field and instructor positions

Due to the nature of saving lives and providing the safety services that each of our organizational divisions encounter we require all of those seeking work to have a strong knowledge base and field experiences so necessary for the confidence and capabilities that the jobs each entail.

Event Medical Services (EMS) Providers

Our EMS staff require a minimum of 1-year experience for this job. Other event companies may require no expereince. MedStar has proven itself as having very knowledgeable staff that can think quickly on the spot and make sound decisions. Our EMTs give more advanced care than other companies and takes the time to minimize the need to call in 9-1-1 or an ambulance but treat effectively to release the patient on their own or to family members or a friend. We require our providers to continually attend our training courses specific to sports and event medicine.

MedStar Training Institute

MSTI provides training for the medical community, first responders, corporate and business employees, OSHA compliance, and the community.  Our classes range from CPR to IV training or EKG recognition to wilderness medicine.  We are growing our training classes and building a solid foundation for more hands-on education.  Our trained staff has years of field experience to pull from and are excellent facilitators in the encouragement of learning. 


To find our current open positions please click on OPEN POSITIONS or Join our Team.


We are currently hiring EMTs and possibly other medical providers. Please check our job postings for more details.

Detailed job descriptions are posted for each open position. Please review them carefully and be sure to have the experience, credentials, and traits that each description details. We look for individuals who are dedicated to helping others, sharing their knowledge, and desire to improve themselves.

Employment FAQ's

Simple. Click on the OPEN POSITIONS link above, and it will take you to the current openings page. If you see the position you wish to apply for, click that role, and it will take you to the job description. Read the information carefully to see if you fit the criteria. If it sounds like this position is for you, then follow the link and complete the information asked in the application.

We are sorry. Most likely we are no longer accepting applications for that specific role. We hope you check back another time to see if that position comes open again. We typically open our more common positions about 3-4 times a year or if we pick up new business. If you have been referred by one of our teammembers, then complete the contact form and give us that information.

Hmmm, that is a tough one. We ensure our clients that every member of our team will be well prepared and strong in their skills to provide the best to those we are providing care for, teaching, or providing our services. For our EMT applicants, you may fit into the criteria we look for within our internship program. You can apply in that category or submit a contact form to get information on that or to inquire about being a volunteer for our events team. We are also starting a new EMT precept program that you may qualify for as well. 

At this time all of our staff our independent contractors. Each selects the available shifts, events, or classes they wish to work. There are no set days or hours to work.

Great question. Since MedStar also has a training division of the company, we can offer a variety of classes and training. Many are free to our staff or significantly discounted to active contractors. We provide specialized training on concussion protocol, wound care, IV therapy, respiratory care, CPR/AED, and many other medical classes. We offer EVOC, and additional driver training to our traffic team members.

We hope that you want to work our events and enjoy this unique field and the variety of places and things we do. To keep yourself active, we require a minimum of 2 shifts each month. We select those based on many aspects, the client’s needs, and each individual.

NO! Some companies do, but we spend the extra money and staff to ensure we set you up for success. Every event is different and making sure we work together with our clients and providers to be sure that what is needed is there. Sometimes it may just be an EMT with a backpack. Other times we need our mobile care facilities, command center, or off-road vehicles. We also want consistency in the care given and that starts with the same equipment, supplies, and treatment. Some of our employees 

We do encourage many of our providers to have their own bag for use on events that are small in nature so we do not have to handle the logistics of those events.  You can work with one of our supervisors if you wish to participate in this. 

Contact us with more questions and interest


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