Honoring our own local heroes

As we grow as a company, we want to be sure to always keep in mind how we got there and, more importantly, who is helping us along the way. You are what make or break us, and we are very privileged to have such great people here. Everyone is part of our "TEAM," and your winning skills and incredible traits allow those we serve know they are in reliable hands.

This page is to highlight you and your teammates. We want to recognize incredible people, hard workers, and those advancing their careers.


"Patching Up" to PARAMEDIC

Over the past 3-4 months, a number of our team have been improving their education. Now they have received their new certifications for Paramedic. CONGRATULATIONS!

Kyle Duncan

Anya Fletcher-Bowman

Chris Freedman

Shout outs by our clients

It is incredible when we get calls from our clients saying how great you are doing at your event. We want to share these thanks to all of you and give those standing out the deserved recognition.

Kolby Hadden: Great thanks for his outstanding work most of October while working with the staff at the 13th Floor.

Jamie Pepper: The EMT who worked the entire weekend for AHSHA was incredible. I hope she can work at all our events in the future.

Current Top Performers


Kyle Duncan, NRP

Kyle has been with MedStar for just over two years now and started as an EMT. During his time here, Kyle has become more active working many events, helping behind the scenes, and stepping in at the last minute to help or cover last-minute shifts. In addition to working here, Kyle has been attending paramedic school and will be graduating soon. We look forward to using the new skills and talents of Kyle as a Lead Paramedic, overseeing documentation compliance.

In grateful recognition by the staff and peers for outstanding patient care, willingness to help whenever asked, and unwavering performance

Prior Annual Award Winners

Below we list each of our award winners, past and present. We will always remember these wonderful people and each of their contributions to our organization and values. Congratulations to all of them.

2018 Provider of the Year

Joseph Silvia - EMT


In grateful recognition by the staff and peers for outstanding patient care, compliance, and performance.
2018 Provider of the Year

2018 Presidents Club

John Goode - EMT


In recognition of outstanding performance, superior dedication and positive influence throughout the year.
2018 Presidents Club

2017 Provider of the Year

Michelle Harrell - NRP


Going above and beyond by helping new providers and helping improve patient care and documentation.
2017 Provider of the Year

2018 Presidents Club

Dr Andy Jou - DO


For outstanding dedication and commitment. Thanks to Andy for his unwavering support, guidance, and trust as Medical Director
2017 Presidents Club