Parking and Traffic Services

MedStar Solutions is proud to offer additional safety services with our MTS traffic division. Metro Traffic Solutions is bringing innovation into the traffic and parking needs of our communities. Services include staff to control parking for various events, vehicles for funerals, movie sets, or responding to emergencies with our EMS personnel. We have the team, supervision, and resources small and large.

Types of events

  • Sporting venuesConcerts
  • Raves
  • Festivals
  • Runs & Marathons
  • Parades
  • Funeral escorts
  • Church special events
  • Any large social gatherings

MTS Raises the bar on enhanced services

Our Vehicles are equipped with emergency lighting and sirens.  Most of our vehicles have the lighting equipped as an emergency vehicle with red/blue lights (per permit authorization).  Our vehicles also have amber/warning lighting systems for traffic control and safety operations.
  • Every driver has true driving experience in emergency vehicle driving
  • We have an exclusive driver training curriculum and field evaluation program
  • All drivers possess DOT approved emergency vehicle operator course (EVOC) certification. This requires classroom and driver operational cone course
  • All of our drivers are medically trained and equipped


Unique Services for Funeral Escorts

We have a unique model of operation and requirements to ensure safety at all times in many ways.  Below list some of the special benefits of using the staff of MTS:

  • All staff have driven emergency vehicles for more than two years in public safety or EMS
  • All drivers are DOT certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (EVOC Certified)
  • Every funeral ride includes an EMT/driver for added safety and response readiness
  • Medical equipment will be with every EMT working on the escort detail
  • Every driver holds a current CPR/AED certification
  • Our vehicles are a larger sized vehicle to improve visibility and safety
  • We have enhanced radio communication with separate communications with the coach from our drivers


MTS is the only company that is committed to YOUR SAFETY

We offer large, high visibility vehicles and ongoing traffic training for its experienced drivers. We are devoted to getting everyone to the final destination safely and respectfully.

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Fleet of Vehicles

Most of our emergency vehicles are pick up trucks and SUV/s.  We want a higher profile vehicle to promote the highest level of safety for those we are providing service and our MTS team members.

Ford F-150 Pick Up Trucks
Toyota Tacomas
SUVs and UTVs

Services Available

  • Traffic Control 
  • Parking Control
  • Funeral Vehicle Escorts
  • VIP Vehicle Escort Services​​
  • Race Course Lead
  • Chase Vehicles

MTS traffic unit working together with our Event Medical Services Bike Team. Seamless integration for enhanced safety and performance.

Many of our clients are embracing the ability to utilize both services of Event Medical Services along with our Traffic Solutions team.

Requirements for Traffic Team Members​



Our medical screeners have received special education on the screening methods and criteria for COVID-19 checking for temperature elevation and essential questions to help mitigate the risk of access to those possibly infected with the coronavirus.

They can implement your COVID-Plan including:

  • Taking temperatures
  • Conduct quick evaluation questions
  • Ensure masks are worn (if required)
  • Hand sanitizing (upon request)
  • Other site-specific requests as determined by your location

Experienced Professionals Making Traffic Safety Safer

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