MedStar is currently offering COVID-19 Rapid Testing for events, set production, large gatherings, and local companies.

These test are quick and more comfortable to perform. Results are available in less than 20-minutes and results would go directly to a phone application that can be shown upon entry to your site or HR department. We are available to come test at your location or on set for production.

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Moving forward through the coronavirus pandemic

Venue owners, local agencies, parks, and others aproving an event now required a COVID Plan when allowing any event held at their location. MedStar has plans, checklists, and other items to help get your event approved and safe.

As more is opened for Americans, we all are working hard to make preparations for special events and how to perform appropriate processes to help mitigate exposure and potential dangers. Our MedStar Solutions management, our medical director, and recommendations by the CDC and NIHS are developing plans and protocols. We are prepared to integrate and help our event partners with ideas on development, training, and implementation of the best practices for a host of events and venues. We can provide COVID-19  Screeners, EMTs, Paramedics, COVID Compliance Officers, screening equipment, and detailed plans for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Compliance Officers, Screeners & helping you develop your operational readiness plan


Developing your plans and programs for your individual event and location is imperative

MedStar EMS hopes we can help in this discussion and provide additional guidance to make your event safe?  

  • We have planning templates available
  • Operational plans have been developed for large and small events, venues, and gatherings
  • Customizing our plans for your special needs and circumstances is important and available


Training will be necessary to ensure that all involved know the plan and are consistent in the application of it.

  • Our training staff has developed educational programs for staff and volunteers
  •  Attendee education at venues can be made available to remind of risks, spread, and hygiene.  Let us get the training to your people
  • Get on-ste training for volunteers and staff on what they need to wear, how to reduce risk and what help they can provide to attendees
  • Develop your safety/cleaning monitors


Properly implement your procedures with commitment and strength.

  • MedStar medical screeners ready to go
  • COVID Compliance Officers identified
  • Our supervisors ready to help with re-checks, signage, compliance, and medical needs
  • Ensure everyone is trained and prepared?
  • Does everyone have the tools to do the job?
  • Set you up for success. 

COVID Certified Staff

MedStar EMS has staffing available to help with implementing your COVID Operational Plan.

Our screeners are healthcare professionals with fire, EMS, and ER/Trauma room experience available to help with you and your organization.

  • Medical Screening with Thermal Temperature Scans
  • COVID Questionnaire
  • Signs in place for 6-foot social distance markers
  • Ensure Sanitizers Available
  • Confirm masks are worn or available
  • Provide or monitor gloves, if required
  • Entry areas are well marked and set up, signage in place

Our Internal Preparation

Our Medstar EMS leaders have developed our internal policies for our providers. We continue to monitor and review ongoing changes and modify our plans and preparedness.
Our team comprises active emergency responders and health care providers who have been on the front line since the first days of the pandemic. Team members are experienced in protective gear, signs/symptoms of the virus, and how to care for the sick and injured under these situations.

Helping Our Partners

We have prepared our team and are here to help your event and organization build or implement your COVID-19 program. We are happy to be an advisor, a voice, sounding board, or advocate. Creating a system for compliance and preparedness is just part of the service when you use MedStar EMS. As a service partner, we join your team to integrate all involved. One method is necessary to ensure consistency with all who work with your event. Let us work and help you as we support our community.

COVID-19 Services for

Film & TV Production

MedStar has medical professionals knowledgable in the coronavirus and workplace safety needs recommended for the film and television industry.

Our COVID-19 plan has been developed following the Industry-Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee Task Force (IWLMSCTF) “White Paper” guidelines in association with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.  We have also consulted the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), WHO, AZ-DHS, and Maricopa Health Department. Our providers are state certified in EMS and have significant experience in Response to COVID-19, Safety and HIPAA compliance.

Ask for our Ready-Set-Go information material on our Set Services for your production

View our 4-step plan on implementation of our COVID-19 Compliance Officer on the set of your future productions