Safety is our Priority

MTS Raising The Bar

  • All of our personnel are trained in First Aid, CPR/AED.
  • Most drivers are EMT or Paramedics
  • All vehicles carry emergency first aid equipment.
  • 2+  years driving emergency vehicles for police or EMS.
  • All drivers possess DOT approved emergency vehicle operator course (EVOC) certification.

Experienced Professionals Making Traffic Safety Safer

MTS 2020 Rate Card


We have added Medical Screeners to our staff

Our medical screeners have received special education on the screening methods and criteria for COVID-19 checking for temperature elevation and essential questions to help mitigate the risk of access to those possibly infected with the coronavirus.

They can implement your COVID-Plan including:

  • Taking temperatures
  • Conduct quick evaluation questions
  • Ensure masks are worn (if required)
  • Hand sanitizing (upon request)
  • Other site-specific requests as determined by your location


MTS is the only company that is committed to YOUR SAFETY

We offer large, high visibility vehicles and ongoing traffic training for its experienced drivers. We are devoted to getting everyone to the final destination safely and respectfully.

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Fleet of Vehicles

Most of our emergency vehicles are pick up trucks and SUV/s.  We want a higher profile vehicle to promote the highest level of safety for those we are providing service and our MTS team members.

Ford F-150 Pick Up Trucks
Toyota Tacomas
SUVs and UTVs

Services Available

  • Traffic Control 
  • Parking Control
  • Funeral Vehicle Escorts
  • VIP Vehicle Escort Services​​
  • Race Course Lead
  • Chase Vehicles

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